Cohen Out Again!

Hi gang!

Happy Saturday!

Shame about the weather (it's glum down south), but I am off to a festival called The Big Chill to see Dr Leonard Cohen play live for the second time this year (and ever - me, not him) regardless. My fine woman seems excited by the camping prospect, and has bought a self-inflating airbed (who'dathunkit?) and a futuristic stove with two whole hobs and a chuffing grill on it, of all things. She was up and out early this morning buying a great big bottle of Calor Gas. Jeres was kind enough to lend us his tent, and we have a lot of Rocky Bars. I think we're gonna be swell.

Speaking of Leonard, there's a programme on Radio 4 about Cohen, and the true story about that famous Marianne song right now! Shit!

Photos by Zombie Hamster, click for more.