Cob Records Am Byth

Cob Records, Bangor's last record shop, closed on Saturday. A sign of the times, like the six cameras one can spot in the 2 minutes it takes to walk from one side of the steps to the other at platform one, Stratford overground.

Cob was a Great record shop, with a capital G. A magical emporium of wonder and joy. You could buy new sounds, second hand sounds, CDs tapes and vinyl. The staff weren't rude. The lighting was just right. I used to go down there after school and hang around for hours, poring over the 12" section, rifling through the bargain bins, gazing longingly at the poster-covered walls. I bought my first CD album, Manic Street Preachers' Generation Terrorists there. I traded in crappy CDs I'd steal from the Woolies up the road, which also shut down a few years ago.

The girl I would eventually marry accompanied me down there in the later years when we were 15, shortly before I left school, and Wales, for good. She remembers buying a Shed 7 7". I thought it was Super Furry Animals.

No longer will young boys and girls have such experiences. They will have other experiences instead.

The humble record shop only existed on our high streets for a fistful of decades. The blink of a cosmic eye. Can any of you imagine what the world will look like in another fifty years? Some of us will be around to see it, with a little luck. Hear it too. The means of distribution may vary, but music will always be with us, as it always has.


I would like to thank legendary Cocteau Twin and Bella Union bawse Mr Simon Raymonde, who played This Is My Jam on his excellent Amazing Radio show the other day. It was lovely to hear my understated little gem that people will be calling an innovative classic in years to come in the context of the contempi-folk and pop music played elsewhere on the show. It was also lovely to hear all that contempi-folk and pop music. And that Emmy The Great song that only had about 19 seconds of music and no singing. Understatedly amazing.

I would also like to thank Gruff Rhys for suggesting people Hail me on his website, in Welsh and English. Well, he suggested people Hail me in English, and pointed out my Snowdonian upbringing in Welsh. Bilingual readers of Gruff Rhys website get all sorts of little extras, which is a beautiful thing, and has no doubt inspired many humans to learn Welsh, which can be useful all over the world where Welsh is spoken. Hedd!

Meanwhile, ALL ROADS LEAD TO TENTACLES: Someone has done a very thorough job picking apart the Prometheus trailers. Don't read if you want to go in BLANK.