Cloud Life

Happy new week gang! I type to you via a nice chunky white wireless Fisher Price keyboard from my hotdesk at my Mum's hobbit hole in the country. That up there is my view right now. It is a very nice view indeed, and a damn sight nicer than the view of the train station I have from my house, not that its a particularly nasty train station or anything, and not that I am complaining, because it is very convenient living in such close proximity to a train station.

Now I come to think of it, I hae enjoyed some pretty great views over the years... mainly in the early years, and mainly thanks to my Mum and her insistence of living as far away from The City as possible. Here's the view from our house in Dyffryn Nantlle:

And here's our view from Flagstaff Villa in Penmon:

Of course, when I was living amidst those amazing Tolkianesque landscapes, I thought the most amazing view in the world was that of the M6 from my Polish granddad's council flat. I was a funny boy.

Anyway. My applogies for the photos of photos, but in setting up my Mum's hilarious little computer that looks like a little robot in the living room I have disconnected it from the scanner and plugging that in would be too much of a bloody palava Still, taking photos of photos and emailing them to one's self with one's mother's iPhone is pretty Future. And the whole process of getting set up and able to work in her little hobbit house aws similarly NEXT and remarkably painless. My Mum reminded me that I used to have to lug my big tower PC on the train with me when I used to come and visit, and now all I have to do is chuck a few files on a rubber Toughdrive, synch my Google account, download Tweedeck and Dropbox, and I'm set. All hail The Cloud, another ace thing about Living In The Future.

Now then. I just remembered that I have yet to announce the winners of the Post Stuff To Entertain Each Other While I'm In Paris Competition. Well now I have. Sorting Hat decreesthat the winners are...

daprimeminster and Daniel!

Send me an email with your T Shirt sizes and your address, and your prizes will be sent out on the Thursday post run when I am back in Llindain. Congratulations to you both, and congratulations to everyone that took part and posted all the awesome stuff. You guys rule like Slick Ricky.

Oh, and shout out Tego and the RWD Gangster House, for posting The Weed Song, and all that other funky stuff. We finally have a decent UK equivalent to NahRight/Rapradar. Props on stilts.