Rah though. I have started writing a blog for The Guardian. The first entry, on their request, is an explanation as to what went down with Interscope, in case you hadn't heard. Check it here. I recorded a new, swears-free version of Hypocrite last night. It is to be the next single. I might stop swearing on wax - one is forced to use better words. it is a good thing.

In other news, I got 9 days to find a new house. I am gonna move in with Son Of King Rebel and my little brother Ali. If anyone has a nice house they wanna put us in, holla at your motherfuggin BOY!

PS - Keith, droog, email me at the addres in the contacts section with your tattoo details in full, and I'll do it on the train to my mam's this weekend. PAX!