The Day That Thatcher Died? My little brother Zef just texted me to let me know that rumors are circulating regarding the death of Margaret Thatcher. Twitter is already celebrating. Once upon a time I might have joined them.

Not now.

Now, I agree with my little brother Marek, who wrote the following the other day on Facebook:

"A celebration wouldn't ever be right, for thatcher or bin laden or whomever. Far more fitting would be a commemoration of why they are hated. Too many people these days don't even know what Thatcher did to working class communities... It's certainly not immoral to be relieved or glad, but it's at least morally dubious to celebrate the death of someone retired or in hiding. Celebrating her death changes nothing about her life, and brings no relief from the things she did. Put that energy into reminding people of that, and leave celebrations for things worth celebrating. All my opinion of course."