CLASSICS 4: Mike And The Mechanics - Word of Mouth

mike-and-the-mechanics-the-living-years Mike And The Mechanics - Word Of Mouth

It is hard to put into words the emotions elicited by this song. It is truly imense, wildly inspirational, a glorious, collosus of a record. Who'd have thunk Mike Rutherford's side-project would, with two songs (the other being The Living Years, obviously) trounce Genesis' entire back catalogue?

You know, many moons ago, Envy and I recorded a version of this. It was amazing, but, sadly for the world, was a casualty of the New York Harddrive Crash of 2007. Maybe we'll redo it one day. But, for now, just bask in the dictionary-definition glory of this perfect record. And fuck it - here's a bonus. The aforementioned The Living Years. And if you can, ring your Dad. It's too late when we die.

Mike And The Mechanics - The Living Years