So, I did this Mothboy remix today. Kind of it's more of a reinvention. I sorted this whole big ass rap thing, dealing with all my history re-write isues. But I have a lame ass pre-amp which makes vocals sound a bit shitty, and my headphones cut out everytime they hit a certain volume level. This track is raw and loud. So it's difficult. Interscope about to sign off on my album budget, alledgedly. COME ON!

So me and Luke saw My Summer Of Love. It was actually really good, despite being riddled with class war cliques. The posh girl so reminded me of Georgia, a lovely girl I know who we lost to advertising, haha.

Oh, hang on...

Right, Rory just came round. And with Emma. And Alex and co. They are making noises on my machines. I have a few machines. They are making noises. Oh, that was dope. I was playing accepllas. Over the top. Now I am not. I have jst pressed record. I always miss the bst bits.

Actually, bollcoks, here is the MP3. It is, like, so AWESOME.