Billy X Sunday, an XXL blogger who's hatred of Lil Wayne renders half of his posts unreadable, is sometimes a very fucking clever, and succinct communicator. Forsooth: Hip-Hop music is so much more than just rap and some rap isn’t even really Hip-Hop. It’s just pop music designed to titillate the listener with ideas of sex without love, wealth without a work ethic, and actions without consequences. These are themes for children and idiots. They do a good job of keeping the average adult within a mentality of arrested development. They are unable to learn or develop skills that will provide them with the ability to progress through adulthood. This is what popular music does for its listener. The goal is ultimately to maintain the caste system which we all live under. The rich get richer and the poor, well you already know.

I still like Lil Wayne though.

People hate on Wayne because he is contradictory - humble then arrogant, ignorant then conscious, lucid then baffling... as if that weren't true of anybody worth a hot got dang.

People hate on Wayne because he publicly kisses his father figure on the lips - as if it weren't true that only a man fully assured of their sexuality could do such a thing in White Jesus' America, in this foul year of Our Lord, AD 2007.

People hate on Wayne because he does things like fall in love with women who've had sex with other men - the main gripe about his on/off (recently back on) relationship with the rapper Trina is that she's had sexual intercourse - or has been said to have had sexual intercourse - with a number of rappers, including Wayne's mentor Baby.

On a new Wayne song just leaked (it's called Prostitute Flange, hilariously, but only because of the effect that's on his voice, and American folks' lack of knowledge of British slang for vagina) dude sings (very badly) about how he wouldn't care if Trina was a prostitute, and had fucked everybody in town, just as long as she keeps it real with him. People are going nuts. "Wayne your a lil bitch she a hoe you gettin playd", as one net Stan puts it on the XXL board. This is a man who talks about how, before he was 20, he "must've fucked a thousand bitches and they girlfriends". Which isn't a rare boast in rap. But as observed by The Independent's sex columnist Catherine Townsend yesterday, "for men, the only "honest" answer about [a woman's] sexual history involves the phrase, "yes, you're the biggest and best I've ever had".

Wayne is a real ass man because he obviously doesn't give a shit about what anyone thinks about him - his disregard for the traditional male nonsense is refreshing and should be applauded. A lot of that "pride, fuckin' wit ya" isn't even real, and was created by swine to keep us down, like wot Billy was saying about bad rap music. Maybe we can all learn something from Lil Wayne.