Christmas Comes Early To Don Studios IV

Someone asked me recently how I'd like my life to be. I said, "I would like to have loads of comic books arrive at my house all the time in thick cardboard boxes."

Well, that dream came true, cos I just got not one, not two, not three, but FOUR thick cardboard boxes with comics in them! Why, yesterday I got a jiffy bag with comics in it! I now see that that was the warm up. Tomorrow I am expecting a Whole Tree.

Oh, such glorious bounty! I got Grant Morrison's The Filth off of my Amazon Wishlist (cheers Jimbo Danger!), which I previously read on my laptop as a .cbr and wished at the time was physical, because it's just that sort of a book. I finished it at my Nan's, and it made us both ill. I was also the lucky recipient of High Society, the second giant volume of Dave Sim's celebtated Cerebus, which, to my shame, I have never read. I have been wanting to since I was 12. And I will now! Thank you Rudi de Warner! James Baker sent the the first part of Warren Ellis' X-Men run, which has some beautiful art by Simone Bianchi in it. He was the guy that did Shining Knight in Seven Soldiers of Victory. That might have been my favourite. His Sheedah were nightmarish fairie folk and I had nightares about them. When I was 7.


Rah though. Shout out Mr and Mrs Raydome for bringing Asterix back into my life! I got a box full of of flippin HARDBACK Asterixes, amonsgt other thing, which is just crazy, so expect some bootlegs next year. I am armed to the teeth with comicraft fonts and my scanners till works.

My girl pointed out that I shouldn't have opened them cos it wasn't Christmas, so I stopped.

THANK YOU SO MCUH GUYS! And thank everyone of you that comes here and reads my crap, and listens to my stuff, and leaves comments, and tells their friends, and sends me emails, and gives me ideas. I am a lucky boy indeed to have such friends. And I am very excited about 2010. Ever since I was seven or so, I have been thinking about 2010, and how great it's gonna be. 2010 was always The Future in my head. The real future... and I don't think its gonna disappoint. Amazing Things Are Going To Happen.... to all of us. FOR all of us. Are you ready, brothers and sisters? Can you dig it?