Chickens = Roost

chickens home to roost Ola dudes and dudettes!

Firstly, allow me to apologise for my quiet this week - I have been spending all my hours drawing, which will likely continue past this current project, A Serge Of Life part 2.

I was actually just colouring the last panel, when the electric up and died on me again, which is why I'm sat here in the near-dark, using the last gasps of my laptop's battery to write to you, oh my dear friends. I'd just got to a really exciting part of Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince (read by Stephen Fry), as well. There was a giant skull hovering above Hogwarts, and that little prick Malfoy had just twatted Dumbledore with some kind of spell...

Still. I was, at least, spared another bout of last Friday's indignities by... last Friday's indignities! My money-search was thorough, and  I know with some grim certainty my sofa to be empty of founds. So I am going to sit in the dark until my girl gets back. With any luck my paypal money will come through tomorrow, so I can buy gold chains post you all your Lovely Little Packages.

Not only that! The Grand Brand Prize of a defaced copy of Oh (What A Glorious Thing) will be winging its way to a certain Miss KidInTheRiot of Exmouth. Congratulations!

And thank you all, for your valuable insight. I now know that a disproportionate number of you adore all things Apple, Adidas, and Old Spice. I am amazed, and eternally grateful. Those of you that left your email will be getting an MP3 in your box shortly.

In other news, Uncle Murda sent me a message on Twitter today! Wowzers!

Right. I am going to eat a cold sausage roll, and read Watchmen by candlelight. Good night one and all.

EDIT: I wrote this last night, and forgot to post it. As it happened, and quite fortuitously, my little brother popped by to pick up a harddrive and bought me electrics. Hallelujah!

Also. That comic is from Sinfest, go read more they're grayte.