"Blogs. I don’t even read them. I mean, it’s so outrageous... you shouldn’t even read it. It’s garbage. Nobody cares about it. Everybody knows the simpletons who are doing it are cowards and they don’t have any influence."Bill O' Reiley

Wow, so my spelling the other day was pretty abysmal, right? Pritty... pritty bad. Yessir.

So, I am in LA again. Is that EST or PST? I have forgotten. Anyway. It is very sunny, and there are hummingbirds and mad bugsies all over the place. Last night Jeff took us to see Sigur Ros at the Hollwood bowl, so I got to drink nice red wine and eat crackers in a box in this beautiful outdoor arena and watch a few stars try gamely to penetrate the LA pollution dome, as we were serenaded in Super-Sound by these Icelandic types. I cried out of my right eye. It was beautiful. I had no idea what they were on about, but they had a wee orchestra, and I kept thinking about all the meanerds and all the genocide, and then here are these wee dudes from Iceland making this awesomely gorgeous noise with bits of wood an metal. Fucking crazy humanity.

Speaking of which, Ron Jeremy was there. Who'd have thunk it, eh? Everybody was very surprised. Which goes to show what presumptuous think-we-know-it-alls we all are.

So, you know, we're expecting them - them being the "fucking crazies", as Colin Powell had it, to blow up some trains in New York, and trigger a Earthquake in San Fransisco, and drop a baby nuke in Chicago, use that as an excuse to nuke Iran, and actively fail to do anything at all about bird flu then use that as pretext for blanket martial law. Then Luke emails me this story in The Guardian about how they've gone and recreated that spectacular Other Flu, the Spanish Flu that did that amazing job of felling the population back at the start of the twentieth century. Serious! They've recreated it! And stuck it on the internet so's any crazy goofball scientist with a bunch of testubes can unleash MASS MURDER! Whoo!

How is it scientists can so often be so smart, and so Skygoshdarned DUMB at the same time? How is it they can afford to do that kind of shit, but they can't put non-archaic books in Primary Schools? Why do we stand for this lunacy? IS the last sane man alive actually a RETARD?

The Family Guy movie is very funny in places, but ultimately disappointing. Just so's you know.

Hey, good news! The EU is making itself useful and challenging the US's dictatorial ownership of the internet! Sweet! So we'll have dudes like Charles Clarke running it AND dudes like Paul Wolfowitz! Woo hoo!