Chavez Kicks Ass. Again.

My man Hugo Chavez continues to kick ass. The Venezuelian President just won his refferendum, taking 58.26% of the vote, the result of a record 94.7% voter turnout. The opposition are now in a big raggedy mess, and Washington, which backed the ugly, but ultimately unsucessful coup staged by said opposition a few years ago, has been forced to recognize Chavez's victory. "We... join the Group of Friends of Venezuela in acknowledging the preliminary results of the referendum and noting that they show that President Chavez received the support of the majority of voters," said They.

They had to say this after the referendum "was given a clean bill of health by electoral observers, including former US president Jimmy Carter and the Friends of Venezuela group made up of officials from Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Portugal, Spain and the United States."

Some of you may remember a few years back, with the full backing of the Bush administration, the CIA caused a big murderous riot in order to create the right atmosphere for that failed coup, using snipers to turn peacful crowds of Chavez and Opposition supporters against each other. And then came the tanks, and the US helicopters, to take Chavez to an island and stick a nice US backed intermim government in...

But Chavez survived, when the US backed big business freaks tried to punk him, because Venezuela's people refused to take it. His people, his soldiers, staff, all stood by him, and within days he was running things again, and Bush and crew, who'd publicly praised the coup ("government change", as they had it) looked very stupid and evil indeed.

Chavez's crime? Selling oil to Castro, charging the US more for oil than they wanted to pay, and redistributing Venezuaela's oil wealth amongst its poor. When previously 80% of the population lived in abject poverty, since Chavez took power in '98 a million of the country's poorest children now get a free education. 1.2 million illiterate adults can now read and write. 11,000 clinics have been opened in the country's poorest villages and shanty towns, and the 10,000 cuban doctors sent to work in them have transformed the lives of the country's poor... PLUS! 2,262,476 hectacres of land has been taken from greedy landlords and redistributed to 116,899 families. Ah ha.

Chavez has done all this and a lot more, despite constant pressure from the bullies in Washington, and the cash crazed opposition who own all the country's media, but still can't fool the majority of the people. This gives me tremendous hope.