Certainly Un.

So, you were all right, Batman was dope. I love Christian Bale. Don't just look at it. Eat it. What a cast! What a Batmobile! What an excellent growly voice affected to hide dude's identity!

The sun shines here in England-land, and the tree sperm invades my face. I don't mind too much, because I am a sun-worshipper, and have spent the past few days not wearing clothes as often as possible. Yesterday my old man took me for a picnic and I got bitten on the leg by a horsefly. My left calf is twice the size of the right one. It is pretty gully.

Now, I hate to have to say this, but really, stop hating on the Game. 300 Bars And Runnin Is GREAT. Whaddya mean too long? I am a person who loves rap, and one rarely gets to hear a dude spit for fifteen minutes. And man, if he could keep up that level of beat dopery, and that fluidity in his flow, I would listen to his ass rap about fucking Star Wars figurines for an hour, I swear. I LOVE RAP! RAP IS ACE! Yeah, I heard the rumour Iovine and Dre and Em are gonna cock block his next album to placate Fiddy. People tell me I should be scared. Whatever. I shall just keep doing what I am doing. Maybe I'll go a bit harder, is all.

So, I was supposed to be doing some cover shoot for some MOBOS thing with all the other hottest new rappers in the game, but they only told me this morning, so I can't make it. I got shit to do. So when you see the thing, and you're all like, where's the fuckin DON? Surely THE DON is the hottest rapper in the game - well, know that.

So, that dope picture up there was sent in today by one of my peoples, Jesse Figueroa. He did it in MS Paint. THAT IS FUCKING FRESH. I'm getting lots of these, so I might have to start a special section on the site.