Central Park

This is ATD Crew in central park yesterday. See how triumphant we are! Zef has put some new photos in the pictures section. What a lovely day it is today. It is all full of sun. Mathew came round earlier and took us grocery shopping, and we filled up a trolley and a basket and some arms and spent $450, so now we have loads and loads of loverly FOOD. Yes yes yes.

So, I was meant to be back in London today. The American adventure was supposed to be over. Shows played, people met, mixtapes distributed. Two is not online, eh? Melissa must still be busy. I shall hurry her up. You will like it.

Anyway, my flight has been avoided, and I remain here, in New York, and so does Birddogg, who I belive to be up the Empire State building right now, but one can't be sure with that flighty canine.

Tonight we shall perhaps dress up and go out to see a MOVIE! YEAH! How exciting is THAT? I am super hyped. Maybe we will see Dodgeball. I haven't been to the cinema for ages. And never in Americaland.

Oh, I long to make songs. Soon there will be a PC laptop with Acid and Soundforge and Fruity on it. Then we will set about kicking some ass. And learning Logic properly as well. To the future!