Catch Up / How To Flypost With Skill

Akira The Don - Knowledge Gained (May 20th) from akdonovan on Vimeo.

Olage gang!

Sorry I haven't written much of substance lately. This is fast becoming the busiest time I have been in. We're rehearsing daily for The Dawn of The Don, finishing artwork for The Life Equation, getting the zombie movie sorted, and oh so much more. I'm working on a pair of sexy phone aps that'll be with you within a matter of weeks as well. STUFF STUFF SUFF!

Last night's studio rehearsal was AWESOME, and I am confident that this gig will be the best live performance I have been involved in. Hopefully I can grang an hour to edit some footage for you later. Afterwards we went flypostering around Shoreditch and Hackney. Look out for our work! We totally didn't get arrested, although i did get bitten by a dog. the dog belonged to a homeless man we met who was also a web designer, which James, AKA Eyeore, pointed out was about theĀ  most post modern thing he's experienced.

Today I am off to undergo SURGERY on my HEED, then photoshoot, which is possibly a dumb arrangement.

What else? Hmm. New Omega Sanction T Shirts should be in this week, so those of you still waiting on those shouldn't have to wait much longer. I thank you for your patience.

OK. Anyone in the east end tonight should come down Home, where me and the boys will be DJing and PA-ing a couple of songs. Safe!