Cartoon Ignorance.

As you can see, Zef and I are well underway with this animated video thingy. It still kind of amazes me that you can make cartoons with pirated software on PCs these days. I have said it before, and I will say it again - I love living in future. Anyway, my fingers are all inky, and I've drawn a whole bunch of characters, including a competition winner. Yes! There were so many excellent entries, and so many weird ones, I have decided more of you will feature. It is a challenge to reduce your complex and lovely features to a few simplistic lines of cartoon. It's not like I'm very good or anything. So I am stretching my ass.

Big pants then.

Ho ho!

But now. I receive word that bit of Miami I was staying in is "being blown away." "Naomi is in the studio, wrapping all her artwork in plastic - confidently expecting the whole building to be blown away," says my doodling pal Wynd. "Shame as I have a shit load of stuff there too. The beach has been totally evacuated and is expected to be blown away - Rebecca has moved all her stuff from the top floor - which will be blown of, to the middle floor, and from the bottom floor - which will be flooded, and then join the mass exodus from the state."

Jesus! I liked that beach. Apart from all the planes flying overhead trailing advertising banners and messing with my vibe and shit.

Man, I just checked the news. I had no idea. I was making a cartoon. Good luck everybody.

Still, it is nice to know that NME journalists have things in perspective. I hear that at a recent "news" meeting, one bright spark suggested doing some kind of It's A Knockout challange-a-thon, with a bunch of these grotty new oik bands that apprently starred in a photoshoot titled 'London's Burning'. That would go thusly:

Challenge One!!!!! See which member of the London's Burning bands can get to the Rhythm Factory, like, first!!!!

Challenge Two!!!!! Which band member/band has the most dealer's numbers in their phone!!!!!

Challenge Three!!!!! Who can get hold of Carl Barat the most quickly!!!!!