Caption Contest Winner! News Of Wade! Letters Page Contest!

Ahahaha! Congratulations to Pam Palmer, who won yestreday's Facebook caption conest with the following:

Hmmm, now where did I put my sunglasses?

AHAHAHAHAHA! FUNNY COS IT'S TRUE! I have done this many times, most recently the other week, when I rang Wade to ask him if I'd just left my sunglasses in his house. He spent 5 minutes searching the place before I realised they were on my HEAD. I then cycled home through a riot, stopping occasionally to say hi to fans and wellwishers.

What a beautiful world.

Speaking of Wade, he's swinging by Don Studios today to work on some computer game character designs, a secret project with David Piper, AKA The Piper Machine, and to plot the sequel to Stunners 130.

This is my favourite jawn from Stunners 130 today:


Now, we have but a fortnight to make this sequel to Stunners 130, as Wade is heading back to LA. He got his visa! Amazing!

So that needs squeezing in, and properly. I still have this Manga Mixtape to finish - I have recorded eleven songs for the project, seven of which still need mixing, and I have two guest verses I wanna get down. My cut off date is next Wednesday, realistically. Meanwhile there is the Babydoll video to mix audio for, artwork for that and the Manga Mixtape, and a lot of logistical stuff and promotion tings to sort, as I don't have  PR anymore as the last lot were criminally shit. I need to get on with legal action on their negligent asses too. That or write a lengthy blog post detailing their vast awfulness, thus ruining their Google front-page. My SEO is strong. Word to Richard Timney.

But never mind that. Good stuff abounds. I am still juicing (no Larry David), Wacom have amazing new biro-digitiser coming out next month, and The Dream just dropped a free LP. AND!

I am bringing back the letters page! I noticed two things about my Gmail this morning: 1, all my mailing lists and notifications have been going into an unseen folder called BULK for the past month, which has left me with a vast amount of sorting to do if I am to keep up with my Follow Back Real People policy on Twitter...and 2, that I have a vast folder called LETTERS I've been putting, um, LETTERS into and meaning to do a LETTERS page.

Now, what the letters page was always missing, and will need if it is to become regular, is a TITLE. SO I hereby declare a mighty COMPETITION, in which I summon upon you to NAME THE LETTERS PAGE! The winner gets a LIFE EQUATION T-SHIRT!

Leave your entries in the comments, or on Facebook. Speaking of which, here are all the entries for yesterday's caption contest. YOU ARE ALL WINNERS!