Caption Contest Winner! Manga Music! Hellmouth!

Thatssright bubba! Congratulations to the winner of the latest Caption Contest, Mike Beaumont, chosen by me and guest judge PIXEL from a plethora of stellar entries here and on Facebook.

Pixel was over to drop a couple of sixteens on the Manga Mixtape. here's how the Manga Mixtape is looking:

By this point, it's an album. Again. All new, all original, all vocal songs, of great depth and sonic coherence and variety. If it wasn't full of samples I would release it in shops, but since it is full of samples, I will give it away on here.


Here's me and Pixel about to record some Manga Raps:

The raps were very good. Afterwards we went ten minutes up the road to Stratford, where something in the region of Europe's largest Hellmouth/Shopping Centre just opened. It was pretty fucking weird, bubba. Where once there was nothing but a small town that remonded me of the midlands, there is now a fucking vast shiny church of Shopping, packed with thousands of eager, unabashed Consumers, shoving drooling oversized children around in little red wagons. Where the hell did they come from? What were they doing before yesterday, when this thing didn't exist? People were queuing all over the shop. Queuing for Nandos. Queuing for shoes. Queuing to have their photos taken with doughnuts.

It seems a big part of the future involves swine brainwashing people into queuing up in big shiny churches to spend fake money that's been "lent" to them by the aforementioned swine. That's a bit about living in the future I don't like so much.

However, we did happen across a lego shop, in which one can buy pick n mix Lego, which is something I dreamed of when I was a small boy.

Serious. PIC N MIX LEGO! They have very conceivable brick, in every colour, and you get a scoop and a tub and you scoop those bricks and you fill that tub.


Speaking of which, The BABYDOLL video has over 100 entirely positive comments (mental, huh) and is at Yotube's "#63 Most Discussed (This Week)" in music. YEAH BABY! Thank you to everyone that's been passing it around. We are on track to hit the Youtube frontpage this week if we keep this up, and then we can have the first Akira The Don Front Page Of Youtube PARTY!

Oh, and more good news - Babydoll is now on iTunes! Booya!