Canadian Etiquette

Cowabunga dudes!

Sorry I've been a little quiet - I have been completing a comic strip about the origin of Billy Joel, AKA The Piano Man for Stool Pigeon. It is bloody great, and in the next issue, off to print today.

I have also been hanging out with Gonzales and Mocky, who invited me to breakfast yesterday (awesome etiquette tip: if Canadians invite you, it means they're paying), and whose awesome show me and Set Dressing Tim caught last night at the Bloomsbury Ballroom. Mocky played badman rap and jazz drums and Gonzales spat BARS and played piano with his slippered feet and got Charles Hamiltoned slapped by a French Girl. Bloody good entertainment.

Afterwards my old pal Erol Alkan DJed to an enthralled shoehorse of serious young men and women in tight trousers and spectacles, and we enjoyed a child's eye view from the comfort of some fine chairs. By the end of the night I was bouncing on my tippy-toes and barking raspily, as usual, and in keeping with the mood  I had a burger on the way home and read Tom Strong Deluxe Edition Vol. 2, what I borrowed from Hommerton Library, Goddamn it all to blazes and back again on a cotdanged HORSE.


And guess what the men in white vans bought round?



By way of celebration then, let us all lick the play button on the little thingy below and listen to Chilly Gondzales' brand new HEAT ROCK, it's that Never Stop Rap!