Camden's Burning!

The Jerusalem Post reports that Camden Town is on fire! Fire has spread from the markets "consuming part of the Hawley Arms, a famous Camden pub where celebrities including singer Amy Winehouse hang out," apparently.


The BBC is on it too, they've spoken to Boris. Boris says "this will come as a terrible blow to their livelihoods and the area generally. My thoughts are with the traders, local residents and the emergency services who are, as usual, performing brilliantly under pressure."

Fucking lame! Tenner says they're gonna rebuild it like goshdang Spitafields. It'll be like mini New Orleans. Lame lame lame.

Our man on the scene, Jeremy Allen reports!

PPF fell of her bike and hurt herself, poor dear. A nice French barman helped us and poured booze on her cuts. She is fine now, and singing an ode to Camden with my Ali's Kron guitar. And I found a fiver on the floor. It is eventful in London tonight!