Cambridge NOW!

I asked my friend how she was. She replied, "Happy, strong & insanely confused about what to do with all this power invested in me by the Universe. And confusion can't wriggle its way into a sigil. A sigil for clarity perhaps?" And I thought, fuck! Why didn't I think of that?

I don't think too much though.

Tell you what I do do though - I go to Cambridge to play a gig. NOW! CAMBRIDGE! WE ARE GOING TO SMASH YOUR FACE OFF!

Stokey, I'll see you at one am. Look after my Smiths records, I only just rediscovered them after all.

PS - Jeres has been on and on about this Chris de Burgh song I have never heard of, and how ace it is. I just copped it. JERES YOU VICIOUS BASTARD! Are you MOCKING ME?