Cambridge Has Turned Into A Police State.

"If you have two brothers put into a cage and deprive them of the basic essential needs for life, they will fight."Ziad Abu Amr

Nice one to all who were safe at Cambridge last night, despite the sub-Nazi weirdness. I am excited about these new songs. Album number two is looking like a great leap forward. I am going to have to recruit a bassist and a drummer to make this work live. Maybe two drummers. Any ideas?

I was supposed to be playing a hip-hop set last night. But no one was dancing to any hip-hop, the room was empty when I showed up, despite sopme fucking amazing music. So I played 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun', and the place suddenly filled with happy dancing girls. So it goes, people! There were a lot of ladies in red for 'Lady In Red' too. And boy do those uptown girls like 'Uptown Girl'.

In the van on the way to the show last night I read the most succinct take on the current Palestinian crisis I have for some time. Go cop Johan Hari's wisdom, he's not pulling his po face today.

In other news, L Man's new video is exceedingly good. L Man is turning into a great emcee. He needs to get back with Narstie, that'd be amazing.