Cadw dy pethau.

What a thoroughly vicious and ugly election campaign those Tories are running. What a bunch of spamhandling luckists those Lib Dems are. What a conglomerate of evil NuLabor is. What choice is this? The Green party is bankrolled by Esso! How fucking funny is that? It is interesting to note that Gordon Brown started hanging out in Cali with the Bankers last year, and will be attending the annual childrapefest at Bohemian Grove in July. He is officially "in the club" now, so do not be at all surprised to see him oust Blair within weeks, then, like Clinton, engage in a good four years or so of "triangulation" - essentially chatting up miners whilst making it ever easier for Rupert Murdoch and his banking globalist chums to own the universe.

Funny how things work out. Who'd have thunk, way back in the day, when that ineffectual ginger was making a hash of things, the Labour party would be hijacked by Bankers and used to help bring about the nightmare dear dead Orwell warned us about? And all they had to do was murder John Smith. Poor John Smith.

And the cycle continues. The Tories are dead as of Tursday, NuLabor will retain power, Lib Dems will become the main opposition, and will likely win the next election. The Bankers will have had this sussed for time. Begging the question - who is The Bankers' Lib Dem plant? Who will die to make way for said plant? Will any of us notice this time?

In related news, The Bankers are having their serious hook up (as opposed to the one where they kill the babies) in Germany from May 5th to the 8th. And they're putting human livers in rice. Say word!