Bye bro!

And so it came to pass that another brother left me and my sofa, and did return whence he came.

Well, he's off in an hour. BYE ZEF! That video isn't quite done though, but he has to go to school, so we shall finish it via MSN.

Now, thank you for all your nice emails regarding my discourse with that Tory MP, but stop moaning about my spilling and grandma. I am not the one claiming to be the saviour of our children. As I said to Lluke. Not yet, anyway. And - Hey, that Tory emailed me back! He wrote:

Oh f**k it! I knew I shouldn't have listened to my adviser.

Now where did I put Daffy Duck's telephone number?

Now, did that make much sense to you? Me neither. I have kind of warmed to the freak a little. If you'd like to email him and ask him WHAT THE GOSH HE IS ON, his email is: