These "crop circles" turned up in Ashbury on July 16th. The farmer who owns the land is annoyed. Forthwith:

"As the farmer of the land near Ashbury where the butterfly appeared at the weekend, I would politely ask you to tell your members that there is strictly no access to the circle. The circle can clearly be seen from the footpath and there is no need to enter the field. Obviously the people I had to ask to leave today don't conform to your protocols, so if further trespass occurs the circle will be cut with a mower before the field is due to be harvested. I would appreciate your swift co-operation."

Damn homie! You got a pretty butterfly in your feild! Be happy!

Me, I know very little about crop circles, but Susan Joy Rennison says they're communication about upcoming events, like the readjusting of the earth's electromagnetic field, and our "upgrade". Rocks are growing hair you know. Weird shit abounds.

So, we saw Gruff Rhys at Koko last night. He was great. He jammed for a bit with some crazy Brazilian dude who banged out cheap beats from a home-made electronic guitar thingy, in seeming tribute to John Ottway and Wild Willy Barret, then he sat his ass down on a chair and played a lot of Candylion, which was great. I have, incidentally, sampled the title track from that record for my next mixtape.

Tonight we are making a bookcase, of sorts. This is very exciting. I bought a saw today. You know how much saws cost? Five pounds. Crazy, right?

Oh, speaking of which, Adam Ant is back. Sort of. He's making a live appearance in London in September, in which he'll read from his autobiography, and play some acoustic songs. My old man told me about this. "Are you gonna go?" I asked him.

"No chance," came the reply. "I want to remember him in his full piratical/red indian tribal drumming glory singing dog eat dog, leap frog the dog and brush me daddio!"

Which is a good point.