But Where Do They Poo?

hiwaycoaster "Fuck me!" said my girlfriend just now. "There are fifteen thousand monkeys living in people's homes in Ameica!"

I don't know where she gets her information. But still. Blime-ish! That's a lot of monkeys! In a lot of homes!

And I wonder - where do they poo?

More fool me, huh?


So, guess what I was doing today?

Yes, you're right. I was riding rollercoasters, filming a video for a song called Video Highway.


"The best for fun and value!"

So there you go.

Really I should write more, but i need to to do a load of work, and eat something. So I best off. But damn, I do like rollerocasters.

Oh, good looking out on all the hundreds (!) of you that have applied for PAGAN PARTY tickets. We ran over out allocation, but we're gonna get more, cos we are THE BEST, so keep them coming.