Burn In Hell!

Hello, for some reason a few of you have been ordering AIDS T shirts lately. Tragically, we sold out. Sorry. I could make up some more if enough of you want them. If you do, mail me or leave a message or something. It is mad foggy and cold today, we went out to look at houses. Still nothing. We have to move out in two weeks. Argh! I have seen more houses this time than any other, and still no dice. Whither the dice?

Jeres wrote something quite cute about his self-absorbed internet addiction. I like the bit about the photo of him as a wee Cornman eating a pasty.

This is a good recipe for sea bass. I tried it last night. I also watched Ghosts Of Cite Soleil - if you haven't, you need to see that shit. Kind of real life City Of God. In Haiti. Seriously brilliant, moving, distressing, and hardcore. Cheers Colin for that. Dunno about Wyclef Jean's bits in it. Wyclef loves Wyclef. "People in Haiti study me like Americans study Biggie," he said recently. Maybe so. People in Maryland do me similar. Word up Maryland!