Happy Birthday my boy Joey D! Sorry I ain't coming through to help your celebrating ass out, I AM FULL OF CRAP!


Goshdang, quitting fags is some bullshit! I mean, truth be told, it aint that hard. In fact, it is pretty easy. However! The second I quit, I got whupped upside the head with some sore-throaty, snotty-brained, sore-nostrilled lung-shaking rottery. PLUS hayfever! Like, cheers! Way to kick a brother when he's down! I feel like shit!

Rah though, three Brummies turned up at my door this afternoon. They are in Camden right now, but they're coming back. I have no idea where I'll put them. My little brother says he's locking his door. I don't blame him.

Hey, did you hear about Bushwick Bill? HE FOUND JESUS!

I don't know where. Maybe in a fortune cookie. But he found him, and now he's making "rap for Christ"! So that'll be no more songs about rape then. Remember that time he held his baby out a window so his girlfiriend shot his eye out? Rah though!

Bad news! Lil Wayne has put off finishing his new LP for the time being, according to the Illseed.

Good news! Lil Wayne has gotten a part in my new favourite cartoon, The Boondocks! OMG! How ill is that?! Apparently he plays "a cousin from New Orleans who has survived Katrina named Reef. Weezy and his character made such a splash on the show that the creators are re-making some episodes to put Weezy in them. If everything is a go, Weezy may be a permanent character on the show."