Brand new. Whoo!

Yeah, you can see it's new. I posted something about that at 6am. But Jozef deleted it, whist impoving a few niggley things. So a write anew. Jozef and I spent all day and night yesterday doing this, and we are pleased with the results. It is prettier, and easy to nvigate now. See all those links on the left! You can easily read my horrible adventures!

Yes, it is good. And now I am in London for two days. I type this from PlayLouder towers, where Jeres has me helping him with news. Jay-Z and R Kelly are going on tour.

Anyway, I suggest you all save that nice picture of the Two Xanders, for when you are miserable, because it will cheer you up. Look at them! Looks at their happy silly faces! Yes yes.