Boxing Day.

My moustache is particularly excellent today. Just in case you were wondering.

That picture, by the way, is of my littlest brother Zef, who does the Flash stuff, playing one of my presents. And if you were wondering what I got, well wonder no longer. Here is my Christmas Actuality List, 2004. Forsooth: Chris de Burgh - The Ultimate Collection (Notes From Planet Earth) It has brand new millennial versions of 'Missing You'and 'Patricia The Stripper', and a new mix of 'A Spaceman Came Traveling'! I put the latter on my Christmas Mixtape, you may have noticed - he changes the infections at the end of the lines in the verse. From little brother Zef

A Zoot Suit My mam made it! It is silver and black striped. It is amazing. YOU haven't got one. But I do. Figure that out. From my Mam

A pink silk handkerchief To stuff in my Zoot Suit pocket. Yes. From my Nan

Red Braces To hold up my Zoot Trews! SWANK! From little brother Zef

Burnout 3 A computer game. You race cars fast. Me and Wade were well into the original, back in the day, when the PS2 had just come out and we were living in East Finchley, doing DIY and shit. From little brother Marek

Gone With The Wind A book! I am all backed up with books. But this is next, as it is, I am told, a classic. I've never seen the film neither. From Litte brother Alex

A Lynx gift set and some drawing pens Now I can draw comics like a teenager AND smell like one! From Auntie Sheila and Uncle Maurice

Manga A vast compendium of Japanese comics art. It is crazy fresh. From my Old Man

Body Shop honey moisturising conditioner for dry/damaged/chemically treated hair USEFUL! From my Mammy

See? I am a LUCKY BOY. Indeed. Later I will post pictures of the Boxing Day gambling tournament, heralded by the recent arrival of my Uncle Maurice and Auntie Sheila. Word.