Big up all ye who came to the Adam And Jeremy Show at the Islington Academy the other night. It was fun indeed. Jeremy met our tour manager. I don't think our tour manager knows what he's letting himself in for. Gwilym showed up also, fresh from snogging a man on Dr Who spinoff Torchwood, minging in a terrifyingly hardcore fashion of school changing rooms and hammered off his red Welsh face, bless his gym socks. Jeremy refused to believe he ever gets that obnoxious when he's drunk. Hell, we all do! I only do it in America though, for various reasons. I am currently in Redditch, at my uncle and uncle and auntie's, being confused by the television. We were at my cousin's wedding reception last night, which was entirely lovely, and nobody punched anybody, as far as I noticed. I must flee to London now, and do eighteen billion things, and fret about my harddrive.

In the meanwhile, have ye Borat on Wonathon Joss. ENJOY!