Born Ready!

Rah, what a mad day. I was up at 7:30, and before 10:00 am I had cycled 8 miles, been to the gym and drunk two protein shakes. I won't be doing that last thing again in a hurry, but the rest was pretty cool. I also learned from his sister, with whom I had a stop and chat outside my hose, that Patrick Wolf thinks Patrick is about him. Ha! That's like me thinking Adam's Song is about me. Actually, maybe it is. I am pretty famous and awesome, and have been since I was born, pretty much. Look, that's me up top, just after I was born! Look how cool and famous I obviously was!

Actually, my Dad says he used to feed me with a catapult, but that's just the sort of mean unfunny thing he always says, and anyway, it was blatantly my mum doing all the feeding, my Dad was probably too busy flicking his hair in the mirror. Here he is around the time I was born, five years younger than I am now, enjoying some fine Brummy cuisine, and looking forward to finding a mirror to flick his hair in afterwards.

There's a joke to be made about a nice bird there, but I am not the man to make it. What do I look like, a comedian? Exactly. Anyway, this mild nostalgia bubbled up because I was referencing the fact that I have been an awesome pop star since I was like, two, on a new song from ATD25 I was recording the other day, for which I dug out a tape recording my Mammy and Daddy made of me singing when I was, yes, two. I had a beautiful voice and I am sure you are all very excited to hear it. I also wrote a song today that referenced some of my old man's weirder child rearing techniques, which was fun to rap and record, but they were quite odd to consider as Things That Actually Happened.

ATD25 is turning out to be quite the bloody master-work, which shouldn't be too much of a surprise, but it really has monstered from its initial intent. We're shooting a video for the lead track on Thursday, and we're gonna drop that lead track the day after. A few days after that the site is going to close down while we test ATD 5.0, which is in the final stages of design now, and making feel like a child at Christmas. Aside from the fact that once its live I get to cut my beard and delete my Myspace, both things that make me giddy just thinking of them, I am just really really really excited about showing it to you, my dear friends. It is a bold leap forward for the artist's website, the site against which all others will be judged, and shown to be lacking, and the future of How To Do This Music Stuff Proper On The Internets. Not one word of this is hyperbole, and I know you know me well enough by now to know that to be the TRUTH, the WHOLE TRUTH and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH, so help me Xenu.

ATD25 is an absolute fucking masterwork, and 5.0 is the artist's website to kill all other artist's websites. I invented this shit back in 04, now I'm doing it again.

Obviously when I say "I", I mean we, as I wouldn't be able to do it without Y'ALL. Speaking of which, it's the Doncast tomorrow, so I'll be seeing y'all then, yes? 5pm UK time, sharp. An hour and a half of CLASSICS. I enjoyed that very much last time. Communications via the usual channels, merci beaucoup.