Boop Boop!

Word up, everybody swang. This is your boy A Zilla coming at you live from Don Studios in effervescent Stoke Newington. Today we had three of Why Lout? in the building making Marv The Marsh's Hoods And Badges mixtape. Ray Winstone was projected on the wall making mush of men's heads with snooker balls, the air pleasingly scented and thick. That was a few hours ago. I just finished writing a little suttink suttink for the next mixtape and now, my peoples, I am giving you two things:

Zef's Definitive History Of The New Era Cap

All you could ever want to know about your favourite rappers' favourite cap. PDF. Serious!

Black Piranhas - Bak Off!

Dego on the beats, Morty and Enveh killing the mike, AK Donovan on the boards of rip and mix, this shit is bigness, you KNOW THAT.

OK, I have done enough for one day. Serious! Bed calls. I better dream something seriously decent. I totally deserve it.