Bomb the zoos

Caged animals, it dawns on me, cannot hunt. I urge you to bomb all zoos.

Still, I am getting through an awful lot of good music, despite feeling like I might tear out my belly with my fingers.

Oh good lord.

Cat Stevens will not stop skipping.

This is what happened to Matt Johnston.

The The might well be the greatest band name of all time.

So, living in the future Internet Joy. I MP3d Moff these raps earlier, and he got them, and finished his album. "Too fucking dope," he wrote in an email.

"Got it mixed in, added a bit of distortion on the screaming, dropped the beat out on 'we really give a fuck' and its perfect. The album is all done now that was the icing on the cake. ItÍs phat because it was a track me and Mick Harris made."

Scorn are like, Moff's favourite thing ever. Apart from 'Check Your Head'.

Moff continues: "The lyrics are excellent, actually you sound like Steve Albini Big Black era when he talked more then shouted... sounds equally as pissed off."

Thank you Moff, you have made me very happy in my Limbo!

Mothboy's album comes out on ad noiseam in October. You should read this interview. It is enlightening.

Whoo! The phone is ringing!

Oh. It was someone looking for the Hit Factory, whatever that is. I was too overcome with disappointment to say anything funny.