Bob Dylan In Manga Studio Ex 4

Bob Dylan I should have Camtasia'd this really, but never mind.

That up there, dearest viewer, is a drawing I did of Mr Bob Dylan, as part of a collage piece commissioned by Lady Victoria Keeble (amazingly enough, I do not live on MP3 sales alone). It was the first thing I did in Manga Studio Ex 4.0, which the nice people at Smith Micro kindly gave me after watching my I Don't Wanna Know About Evil video. And cotdang, if drawing in Manga Studio Ex 4 isn't the dopest thing a person can do with a Wacom tablet, I have no idea what is. Shit feels like ink, truly. It flows... None of that bumpy, wibbly crap. Poetry. Plus there's the whole tones angle. Back when I was making the second issue of my comic book Durge in '93, I did a bunch of tones experimentation by chopping the textures out of Bubblegum Crisis and Akira comic books, photocopying them, chopping them up and sticking them into my panels with pritstick. How I would have wept if I'd known what was to come! The tones functionality in MSE4 is amazing. I'm only scratching the surface of it right now, and I can't wait to get into my webcomic.

Anyway, yeah. That thing I've been hinting at is coming along nicely, but I've had to spend today editing this A-Ha interview, so it's having to wait a little bit. No bother, since the items it's linked to haven't arrived yet. Ooooh.