Blood Moon And The Shortest Day

December 21st, 2010. YIKES. Winter solstice. Shortest day of the year. Possibly ever. Blood Moon, unseen in east London. Four days until the Christ Mass. I won't be here. I will be in North Wales, land of my foster fathers, hanging out with my Nan. I was supposed to be in Preston with my girl and her sisters and nieces, the latter of whom are of Santa believing age, which I was very exited about being a part of. But my Nan is not at the peak of her game presently, having just got out of hospital, and has thus cancelled her trip to stay with family in the midlands. Which left her solo on Christmas Day. And there is no way I am leaving my Nan solo on Christmas Day, so the train to Bangor and the bus to Beaumaris it is. I've been wanting to visit her for a long time, but letting my work get in the way... so now fate has conspired to make it a necessity. Ale jacta est. I might take the X-box, as the thought of running off a load of DVDs fills me with dread. Plus I remember my Nan enjoying a game of GTA Vice City a few Christmases ago. Now, my Nan will clip you round the ear for saying "bugger", so my Mother was understandably perplexed at my Nan's glee at romping around with a missile launcher and running over prostitutes in a Ford convertible.

"I know it's not real," tutted my Nan, above the dun of gunfire and swearing.

She punched her Doctor the other day. He was giving her someone else's diagnosis, much to her annoyance, and refusing to take her seriously when she insisted he had it wrong and she knew what was going on with her own body better than he did, thank you very much. Ignoring her protestations, the doctor continued with his misguided diagnosis, so my Nan punched him.

"Did you give him the back hand or the side?" I asked her.

"The knuckles!" she exclaimed, as if I'd asked her the stupidest question in the history of stupid questions. Which, perhaps, I had.

So there is a lot to do here in Don Studios IV and Pizza Girl Labs. Presents to wrap, cards to post, cartoons to be animated, foley to be created, voice acting to be performed and recorded, 2D animation rendering practices to be mastered, images to create, websites to complete and transfer. Snow Under A Microscope went viral yesterday (hence the theological debate going on in the comments section and the 2k Likes), reviving some 60,000 odd views before it pulled my host's whole server over, necessitating a move to somewhere bigger than can handle that sort of thing. Next year is going to be a very big year here at Don HQ, and I can't afford a second of downtime.

January 25th looks like being a good date for some things. It has a good ring to it, eh?

Let us rumble...

Indeed. But right now I need to assemble some movies for me and my Nan to watch. I can't think of anything apart from It's A Wonderful Life and Nine To Five (my Nan is a big Dolly Parton fan). Do you have any ideas?