Blob Badge Season 2 = SWAG


Blob Season 2 Badges Are in And They Are Beautiful! SO SO BEAUTIFUL. And rare. Just 100 exist. And ever will. Get yours now! One comes free with every order in the shop, or you can buy a pack of them.

I only got one of the season one Blob badges left as well. It's on my Wizard Hoodie.

Now all I need is the Kidnapping T Shirts and the ********** T shirts to come in. I am going to cross my balls.

On second thought, I'm not. I'll just bribe the Snow God or something.

OK, I gotta go do an interview. I just told Twitter (2000 strong, 200,000 this time next year!) I was going to bed to play Angry Birds on my Z Phone, but I forgot I had an interview to do for Manga Studio that I promised I'd do at 11pm on Friday. I'M SORRY MANGA STUDIO!

Mmm, packets of Blob badges.