Bizzle Bizzle, Burning Down The Ghetto

You should all come to this then, it will be dope. Mr The Biz will be playing a bunch of the hot new shit off of his hot new album, including some of the stuff produced by ME! If you look at the bottom there, you'll see the first single is a double A Side of Bizzle Bizzle and Babylon's Burning The Ghetto, the latter of which I produced and sang a bit on. Everybody, including the surviving Rutts, who get sampled on it, thinks its ace, apart from my Dad, who doesn't, but no one cares what he thinks anymore cos he's old.


Keep an ear out for the Burn The Gallows remix, which is monstertruck. I am forming a hardcore rock band off the back of hearing that. I've been meaning to for ages. I think it is time.

By the way, anyone know any good bassists who aren't dickheads?

Edit - My father writes: "Your latest blog entry sucks - it's the Ruts not Rutts ffs!!! xxx"

Which is fair...