That's them up there. My Nan's hiding behind my Nan in innit. Neither of them like having their photos taken, cos they're SILLY. Look at posey half nudey Marek. Marek is buff ting, bless him.

So, I have a musicplaying machine (and 77 pals! I love you all like Jesus!) on my MySpace page now, which is pretty hot. I'm a update it pretty regularly. I might stick some new joints up there for like, a few hours when you isn't expecting it cos I am tricky.

Speaking of which, we were driving down Sunset Boulevard yesterday, and we saw Tricky! He is all small like me! I yelled, "Oi! Tri'Y" at him out the window, and he beamed like a little goblin and was all like, "awite mayte!" and he had an excellent twistydready Kid N Play thing on top of his head. So big up him.

So, yeah, we were going to Interscope for a meeting, and that thing happened again with my computer. Did I mention that last time? So, we went to play Iovine some new songs, and we go in, and I sit on that ridiculous God sized sofa of his, that's more like two beds, and switch on my laptop. And I get the famed (amongst PC users) blue screen of death. And I spend the whole meeting trying to make it work, and it keep giving me this fatal error. I'm like, BUGGERATION! The thing seems to be utterly dead. So after the meeting, we go to a repair place, and switch it on... and it works fine. And did ever since.


So, my initial theory, which I suggested to Jimmy, that Interscope has an evil force field around it that kills my PC, full as it of goodness, WAS CORRECT!

Which is WEIRD. I have never come across a place with an evil force field that blue screen of deaths my laptop. I don't like it. EW!

So. You think our Western governments are twats for exploiting ugly and murderous instances of "islamofascist terrorism" to their advantage? Well they are. But the same rubbish happens Everywhere. Look at this douche in Russia, claiming he'll raise the Beslan dead for votes and stuff.

Still. I love Ghostface.

(Notice I didn't swear today in honour of MY NAN! She don't like the swearing, she says only says "bugger". Yeah right!)