Bin Ladden didn't blow up the projects...

So, I made a new song out of Cyndi Lauper's Time After Time and Dead Prez's Police State on my glorious firedamaged laptop, then got sucked into a load of noise and rap shit via Harriet's blog, THANK SKYGOD FOR SUCH THINGS, as I get all caught up in my own bullshit and all that hardcore evil shit, and miss out on a load of dope musical happenings. And out there on the interweb there's all this love for our amazing culture, distilled into words, almost daily. How fresh is that? Ook. I AM HYPED UP FOR VICTORY AGAINST THE SWINE BECAUSE OF THE LOVE OF MY PEOPLES!

Hoo grah, brothers and sisters.

Stunners International Vol. 2 is on the way. I KNOW YOU CAN'T WAIT!

I'm just copping all this R Kelly Closet shit. R Kelly is so a genius, I can't believe it.

So, my peoples keep educating me. Wales, get this, remix each other's shit. Serious. A whale makes a song, another picks it up, riffs on that shit, fucks it up a bit, passes it on, and on, and on. Check it out. So dope! And they banned sampling in a bunch of states! HOW DARE YOU TRY TO STOP US COMMUNICATING! FUCK YOU!

See, that is why I love doing mixtapes. Fuck a sample clearance, if I wanna make a collage of Billy Bragg and NWA and give it to you, I can. As can you. Skygoddamn WORD.

So, here's a pretty awesome piece of writing about my non-white people's roles in comic books over the years, a subject I was noising about last week, when I saw they'd put out a new Black Panther comic. Now, that used to be some seriously offensive jungle mystic uncle tom bullshit, but apparently it is no longer so, so I'm a check it out. And at the same place, an excellent piece about Being in Egypt now.

And finally! My old mucker Justin Hawkins has not only covered Sparks' classic This Town Aint Big Enough For The Both Of Us, but he's been recognised as a proper darts player, and shall henceforth engage in professional pub-archery as The Hawk. All hail THE HAWK!