Big Pun Was The Greatest!

Big Pun is so my favourite dead emcee, and if he was alive, and still as good as he was when he was alive, he'd be my favourite live emcee. He was so nice on the mic! He was as nice on the mic as he was heavy on the ground. Rah. You know, he was only a year older than me when he died. That's not old!

Damn. I am glad Narstie is going gym, I'd hate to lose another talented big brother.

Thieving is done, then. The art, the stuff. All off to printland. PHEW! Next project for me is to make a video for Tomorrow, this nice ass song I did with Madison and Jeres about when we (Akira The Don & The Women, which was me and Jeres and Mary) went on tour. (In retrospect it would have made more sense to have Mary sing on this one. Never mind though. Madison did a lovely croaky whisper thing, which Mary wouldn't have done. Mary would have done a lovely breathy thing. Maybe we'll do a remix. Anyway.) I have a bunch of footage from the tour I can use. Actually, that isn't the next project. I gotta do this Bang song with Temposhark for XLR8R magazine, and a song for Mothboy's record, and your avatars. Hip-hop don't stop!