Big-ass Capers

I was feeling good today. Music was inspiring me. AWK and Mef all day. I felt amazing. Blessed, fresh, like a million bucks. Put on my Christmas jacket and my ole Don Chucks. Man, they only fucked around and opened a bar around the corner from my yard. Two years I've been here, and no bar. Just me, my girl and a corner shop. Now they're shutting the trains off, killing off the foot traffic and my Turkish friends gotta downsize. The cheeky young scamp Gerkhan, who regaled me with tales of "riding horses with a shotty merking wolves" back in the old country as a was a teenager is gonna have to find a new hustle.

But we, we in our ever-evolving Industrial Estate next to the Mayan Apocalypse Olympic Park have a bar now. Hot dog! The Hackney Pearl. It sure is a nice place too. Science lab decor, London brewed beer and big-ass capers. They had a party to celebrate tonight. Free bar, dammit! If I had a laptop I'd be doing my emails in there in the mornings. My girl's right, I need to get out of the house more. The air gives me a feeling...

Rah then. I'm still listening. Eyebrows. New hair. What you saying?

Yeah, you can cop that T-shirt, I ain't about to stop you.