Between rock and a harder place...

Today is another good day. Last night I sat at the bar at the Slaughtered Lamb all night and drank two bottles of red wine, and fell in love, and today I don't even feel that bad. Mix not ones drinks, it is true. Saying that, I started the evening with a snowball, but that was a long time ago. But it was good sat at that bar. And we popped away from the bar to do a photoshoot for a feature on Stunners International for Zoo magazine, and we looked a bit gay. Looking gay is no crime, John Kerry.

I was in Virgin yesterday buying a USB midi thing for my keyboard, cos the last one blew up. Anyway, I ad a peep in the singles sectioon, and they had mine on display! Between Cliff Richard and Morrisey, as I recall. A proud moment.

Anyway, there is more ATD product in the shops, weirdly. My friend Mothboy has finally unleashed his debut album on the world. I am on a track! Go here for the skinny (puppy).