Better Now Than Sooner

Mayne, Lil Wayne is so good. I dunno who's better right now, Lil Wayne or Young Buck, but Lil Wayne is totally awesome. Anyone heard the new Buck mixtape? I got a few joints, but I aint heard the whole thing yet. Someone send me a torrent link or something.

Anyway. Thank you all my lovey peoples who sent me that Chris de Burgh story. Turns out dude has healing hands. I am so not surprised. I bet I have healing hands too. I'm a work on that shit. ANYWAY! The thing comes from some interview he did on some religious TV show. A coupla different sites have spun a few angles from it. The BBC story finds our hero relating a tale in which he fixed a golfer's knee with his magic hands, and a Sky news story finds The Crusader telling of fixing some crippled dude.

"I met someone in the West Indies who was not able to walk," Chrissy told Gloria Hunniford. "I put my hands on him and he was able to get up."

What a fucking G! Ms Hunniford aint doubting C da G's claims neither. ."Why would he lie about such a thing?" she told The Sun.

Why indeed? Y'all doubters need to stop swigging on that Haterade and take a shot of Shutthefuckup. GET ME!

Speaking of which, I made a rottery of a discovery the other day. PPF was dissing me for fucking with Fiji, the finest bottled water known to man, as it comes all the way from - duh - Fiji, and is thus about as eco-friendly as Diddy's pheromone spray. So I picked up a bottle of that Polish Spring shit that's all over New York City like Kay Slay mixtapes. But I checked the label. Guess what? That shit aint nothing to do with Poland! It;s some fucking Nestle powdered tapwater shit! WEAK!

OK. I'm going to Brooklyn. Later.