Cheers Yanna for the photographic funny stretchy black and white history whatsit. As ever, I have none of my won - I lose cameras. That was my hotel room in Vegas that was. How very sweet! I need to pull my trousers up. Note the cheap Fruit Of The Loom underwear, and the lack of proper belt, necessitating the employment of my dressing gown's belt. I don't only lose cameras. I lost my white leather Tom Petty belt somewhere in LA. I lose everything! I lost my white ODB school shirt, my pink leather fitted, that huge Spider-Man T, a pair of shoes, a lot of CDs, many toothbrushes, lyrics, songs, bits of my brain... So it goes.

Things are going off in India. They blew some shit up in Delhi, killing a bunch of people, six or seven at least, out doing their Diwali shopping at the markets. Diwali is a bit like Christmas, I guess. Further explosions raised the toll to 22. And in the South, 89 were killed by a train that got merked by floods. Harsh. Always it is normal folk, about their normal business. Someone get that rotten little Tory upstart, would you, that new Blair thing. Go on. Peace to our peoples.