"Ok, it's over, you can take your stupid tacky decorations down now. You shouldn't have put them up the first place, because you know your lazy American ass isn't about to take it down until April. People in other countries don't even have electricity and yet here you're sucking up the world's resources with your 3-feet waving Santa, reindeers hanging off the roof, Jesus and the whole gang on the lawn. Enough. If Christmas is really about giving and thinking about others beside yourself, then stop wasting electricity. I should start a company that takes down other people's Christmas decorations for them. Come on, you know it's a good idea."Dramahoratic, Dec 2004

So, I'm getting an obscene ammount of traffic from Live Journal people, due in part to Rory posting a comic I posted by that genius Gurewitch, and my heroic response to the bandwidth sucking that commenced. Which was swapping the picture for one of me and my blob being festive. HO HO HO!

Anyway, as a result, I have this huge mob of scary teenage girls from America land linking me from their weblogs. They have crazy weblogs. One could become addicted if one had the time.

My Mam goes back to work tommorrow.

I go London Thursday or Friday. And find a house. And have a New Year Eve thing at my favourite pub, The Slaughered Lamb. And a New Year's Day thing at the Great Eastern. See gigs page.

There were 50,000 dead in Sudan a year ago. What is it, 200,000 now? Why doesn't that shit get a front page? And is Rumsfeld ready to declare a pre-emptive retaliatory strike against that slag Nature?

So, Yushchenko defied Vote rigging, los of angry and powerful Russians, poisoning and Batman villain scarring to win control of his country. How long before somone kills him to death?

PlayLouder staff and contributors voted my crappy EP 6th best of 2004. This is what I voted for:


Ghostface - The Pretty Toney LP Mothboy - The Fears Leonard Cohen - Dear Heather MF Doom - Mm Food Skinnyman - Council Estate Of Mind 80s Matchbox - The Royal Society Joanna Newsom - Peach Pear thingummy 213 - The Hard Way Cradle of Filth - Nymphetamine Pink Grease - This Is For Real



Jadakiss - Why Alter eGO - rOCKER Adam Green - Friends Of Mine Young Buck - Let mE iN Dizze Rascal - stand Up Tall The rammelzee - Pay Your rent Dj signify - Winter'S GOing. Jehst - Monotony Ikara Colt - Modern Feeling Courtney Love - Mono

Obviously, I did it in a rush and forgot loads. It was a good year, actually.