BEHOLD: The Horror Of This Weeks Caption Contest Winning Entry!

We had our weekly Caption Contest on my Basefook page the other day, and among many fine text entries, one industrious human took it upon himself to doctor the picture and add a caption in Photoshop. Now, the caption isn't laugh out loud funny or anything. But the industriousness, and the horror of seeing my friends faces mashed up in such a fashion makes it the winner for me. So congratulations Tyler Owen! You win a fabulous No Prize, the Respect Of Your Peers, and the Sadness of Jeres, who has untagged himself from the picture on BaseFook and wept many sad tears.

Here, just so you don't think Jeres really has mouths for eyes, is the original photo:

That's my buddy Luke on the left, brother of erstwhile Akira The Don & The Women singer Mary and co-founder of The Quietus. He used to work with me at PlayLouder. That's Jeres in the middle, who also worked with me at PlayLouder, played on a great many of my records, and was one of my two best men at my wedding, and world famous bull wrestler John Doran on the right. John is the other co-founder of The Quietus, and a former ADVERSARY of mine who used to bait me on message-boards and all sorts back in the pre-Youtube era. Now we like each other and he DJed my wedding. He was a brilliant wedding DJ, and he wrote about the experience for Vice this week. High five him. And high five our other wedding DJ Cat Bottibol, who got the all girls dancing. Which is what its all about, really. This life. Getting girls dancing.

Speaking of which (Hey! What a great segue-way!)...


Yes, the Babydoll video is FINISHED - Aaron and I stayed up till we fell asleep last night, me doing the sound and him doing, like, everything else. It will be with you as promised at midnight on Sunday. So too, will be the BABYDOLL SINGLE BUNDLE! It features, amongst other things, a very aweosme remix by an INTERNATIONAL SUPERSTAR. I am excited for you to hear it. You can preorder the MP3 here, the FLAC here, and you should be made aware that I have ordered 130 full colour promo CDs for The Notorious Mister Lorry to take to radio, and I am going to keep aside 30 of those for YOU. You can claim your super-rare 5-track Babydoll CD by pre-ordering here.

The artwork is finished too. IT IS AMAZING.

In other news, I really like the new Noel Gallagher song. Forst one I've liked in over a decade. True story.