BEHOLD: The Babydoll Trailer! Brothers and sisters! I am back from a delightful weekend in a caravan in rain-soaked South Wales with my father and our women, in which he cheated at boules, attempted to cheat at Rummy, and was beaten 5 times in a row by MY WIFE... yes, I am BACK, and I am EXCITED because the BABYDOLL VIDEO is nearly upon us, and I can now share with you this EXCITING TRAILER!


That's it up top!


The GLORIOUS MUSIC VIDEO from AKIRA THE DON (Me!) and AARON SHRIMPTON (the award winning genius behind such video smashes as Scroobius Pip's Introdiction!) will be yours to watch again and again and again from MIDNIGHT, SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 11th, 2011.

If you haven't (and shame on you if that is the case) get the song and get ready for greatness!

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Babydoll is taken from the album of the year

The Life Equation

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Now have a picture of my old man throwing a whistling foam bowling pin at me.