BEHOLD! Amazing Time Lapse Of Donovan H Drawing "AK Donovan Sole Brutha"

So, I had a kind of OK day, mainly because I stayed up hella late as documented last night, and thus got up hella late, as not documented anywhere until now (woah, etc.), and an amazing evening. What I did, was I left The House, and went to the gym with Jeres, one half of my Double-Jeremy Best Men Voltron creation. I always feel good when I leave the house and go to the gym. So, we put in some hard work in the gym, and THEN, we went downstairs to the LUXURY SPA, which we were informed by the gym staff that our membership now entitles us to utilise.

Serious, that spa is on some next level shit that I am not used to. The first thing they did was give us flipping bathrobes and sandals. Like, nice ones. And a nice towel. In a nice bag, With a gold key for the lockers. None of that put-a-pound-in shit. Then we got the grand tour from a deeply affable little fellow. They've got like, eight different kinds of spa rooms. Swedish spa. Menthol spa. Ice all over the place. Lounge area with complimentary apples and water with cucumbers and lemons in it. So slipping radical. AND THEY HAVE A FLIPPING WOODEN BUCKET FULL OF COLD WATER YOU CAN EMPTY ONTO YOUR HEAD BY PULLING A CHAIN!

Sweet lord brothers and sisters, that was a righteous place indeed.

Afterwards we went to Nandos.

What a great night!

Then I cycled home and where I'd this amazing piece if fan art in my Box, waiting for me.

Daaaaaaamn homie, when I said the other day I'd been getting some ill-ass fan art lately, who knew this shit was in the offing? Donovan H, that's who, AKA |)()|\|()\//\|\| |-|, whose work I displayed in the Blog Blob a lil' while back. Cos he was a plot and a scheme 'pon this crazy shit. Daaamn homie! That is some flipping mentalness right there!

He calls it "Ak Donovan Soul Brutha", which is a righteous title indeed. But what is especially mental is watching the dude create it, from nothing, right in front of one's eyes, on a big ass chalk board. Holy cowabunga dude, that is awesome.

SO! Click the play button and watch that legendary time lapse of him drawing the thing to All Now Or Never from The Kidnapping and Living In The Future. Then go visit the |)()|\| and pay your respects to his ill-ass art section. Sheeeee-it!