Beef 2007 - 50 Vs Jimmy!

That beast 50 Cent's going at the big homie Jimmy Iovine! he's called him out on a track and everything! "Nigga fuck Jimmy Iovine nigga!"

That's what he said.

"I am the Gorge Bush of this shit - I'm not going to war, but I will send niggas to war."

He said that too.

50's pissed off cos songs (and videos) keep getting leaked from his LP. And his LP keeps getting pushed back. And they decided to release it on the same day as Kanye's to generate some publicity. and now it looks like Kanye's gonna sell more records, and who sells most records is the most important thing in the world to 50, not making good ones, which is why the world has heard 6 tracks from his new album and no one likes a single one of them because they are ASS, even the Justin/Timbo one that 50 only drops two verses on.

Damn homie! In 02 you was the man homie!

Saying that, once should never underestimate 50 cent. 50 Cent is a beast. He is also something of a genius popsongwritingperson when he puts his big ole brain to the task. Personally, I think he just needs a little more motivation, and getting his ass served to him on a silver platter by the Louis Vuitton Don might just be the inspiration he needs.

PS - some crackheads are trying to turn Camden Market into a shopping centre. Like we really need another superdrug! Figga please! Hit the petition hereabouts, fool. Damn!

PPS - The internet is full of angry ole rap Stans who hate children for not knowing all the words to every EPMD song ever. My favorite rap blogger Billy X Sunday was recently weeping about the super-gay 10th anniversary XXL cover (Wayne and Baby all greased up and nudey), which set off yet another argument about whether or not Lil Wayne deserves any props at all, what with him rhyming "ass" with "ass" a lot and not having had any classic LPs. To which one young man wrote:

"THA CARTER 1 was a classic. I am 15 years old and that was one of the first cds i bought. And i bought it on accident too. I was really loking for the terrorsquad cd that had that song lean back. And that was the greatest mistake i ever did."

That post made me well up. I love that kid!

Also explains why, despite Lean Back being the biggest song of the year, nobody bought that Terror Squad album. They were all copping Tha Carter by mistake!